Monday, April 4, 2011


*Image via Roxy

I'm late, again. Life got a hold of me and I forgot to post something this morning! I've been experimenting with a hair straightener (on my straight hair) and have been adjusting my schedule to accommodate for yet another addition to my beauty regimen. My original routine consisted of a shower followed by face lotion, eye liner and blow drying my hair. Now after I shower I use a toner, lotion, eye liner, blow dry and now flat iron. I love the modern look of the hair style but am not yet committed to the time it takes. I'm so lazy in the morning, I would rather spend my extra time in bed. How complex is your morning routine?

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Milda said...

If we are together, you always make me "go first" --there are many more steps in my beautifcation regime!

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